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Um, well, it does not make it worse...I was exaggerating. Well, actually when the password is contained
in the file. A hacker can simply brute force it! Yeah. In case you don't know what brute force is then,
read the following:
 When you type the wrong password. The program says "wrong password" right?
 Well, if that is so, then the hacker will keep giving passwords until they reach to
 a "Password OK"  It might take em hours. some times days! But eventually they
 do it. How do they do it?
 Simple. let's say the password was a number. let's say it was "79697631298710"
 Big deal! The hacker will start from 0. Keep adding until it reaches to the above
 password. How will he know? HMMMM, let me guess...THE PROGRAM SAID
 OK? now you get it? How about if it was letters? Same thing! It will only take them
 more time. That's all :)

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