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This is my projects page. These are programs that I have made.
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NazSoft's TheSpy v1.0  This is a VERY usefull programmer's tool. It is a great tool, it is almost finished.
Example of what you can do: You right click the dialog box and drag the mouse over a control(window, button, label, etc...)  ANYWHERE around your screen, and  this program gives you info about it, and let's you change it's state(like enabled, disabled, visible, invisible, change position, change icon, change background, change WINDOWPROC!!!, View the hidden password under the "***"
NazSoft's NazChat v1.0 This is a chatting program with it's server and client. Comming soon, I will finish it when i find enough time. This program is gonna have pretty cool features. JUST remember what I told you. Contact me about ANYTHING. Ask me to add some stuff here and there. My website is made to share my experience with everyone :)

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this page was last updated: Friday, October 12, 2001