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I have made this website because of the boredom of life. I was too bored so I started making myself WebPages. I changed my website every WEEK into a TOTALLY new look! I just didn't like it. 

I also had some problems of the compatibility. I found out that MOST of my family and friends used Microsoft FrontPage. But I used NOTEPAD?????? I thought I'd get Microsoft FrontPage. SO I quickly went to the Control Panel-->ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS and installed Microsoft FrontPage Express.
Un aware that it is different than Microsoft FrontPage 
I just started a new page to see how it is. Well ok it responds to the keyboard.....AND THEN....suddenly I press space. ok big deal. And then another one ??? nothing happened! I thought....OK just a normal error. I pressed space again...It didn't work!!!!! what is this? a toy? even notepad is better!

At least I could program in Notepad! I know JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and VBSCRIPT. what else do I need?  BLOW IT!

I uninstalled Microsoft FrontPage. Then i continued programming my own website and images. Started downloading some image software from the internet. Until I thought... It's not fair! My friends use that ugly FrontPage and they have better looking websites??????? I don't get it!!!!!

So I said I want some new stuff. I went to the internet and downloaded some files. A program to be precise. The program was called "Sausage Hotdog Express 5.5"

There the story begins. It's like notepad...but BETTER! i mean. for example it colored the TAGS(  <HTML>   <A> <TABLE> etc.... ) or completed the word for me(   I type <HT    it types  ML> )

It had LOADS of stuff! i LOVED it. I programmed and programmed and programmed! i still thought it's not enough. I went to one of the friends house. I saw MICROSOFT FRONTPAGE 98 I was shocked! mine didn't have 98! it also had Express! i don't get it! I always thought Express means BETTER or PRO?
I went to the internet to my regular page: and typed my question, waited for an expert to answer and we started chatting. I almost waited for 20 minutes!!!!!

ok it told me about it!
SO I found out about Microsoft FrontPage 2000! I quickly went to my father asking him to buy me Microsoft FrontPage 2000. Even though I knew that it was impossible! So I just left it. Sad. I didn't care. At least I know how to program in 9 computer languages. Why waste my time making websites? so I forgot about websites for a while.....

Until one day our computer got spoilt!!!!!  ( I thought...COOOOOOOOOL!! )
We had to format it( I wanted to anyway ) so I got my friend Baher's CD WRITER. I backed up our data and formatted the hardisk.

I was happy cause I knew that ( we had office 97 ) office 2000 has front page!
and that when I format the hardisk...i don't get but windows. SOOOOOO no office 97. So I thought it's an opportunity to get Frontpage 2000!!!!!

I asked my dad to ask the friends if they have office 2000?
UNTIL AT LAST WE FOUND SOMEONE....I Installed Microsoft FrontPage 2000

AND BECAME happier than EVER!!

So I thought I would not waste my time programming my webpages....I can just use FrontPage. I always thought it's for beginners so I didn't use it. But now!  oh boy! I am stuck in to it! I almost forgot JavaScript and CSS!

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this page was last updated: Friday, October 12, 2001